Finally back in the land of plenty. After two years of been locked in Australia I got the green pass to travel again. So as I treat Nazaré in Portugal as my second home I got the fastest flight over here. So week one was epic. Literally some of the best big wave paddle sessions i have got to shoot here at the home of the biggest ridable waves. 3 X time WORLD BIG WAVE Champion Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker set the pace with some all-time rides.
This was truly history in the making – Tim Bonython

Surfers featured;
Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker
Natxo Gonzalez
Cristian Merello
Pedro Calado
Andre Flores
Tom Lowe
Fabian Campagnolo
Rob Fowlie
Nate Zoller
Michelle Des Bouillons
Tom Constant
Pierre Rollet
Axi Muniain
Xabi Lopez
Tito Ortega
Othmane Choufani
Gabriel Samps
Andrew Cotton
Antonio Laureano
Joao De Machedo
Joa Kinn
Mat Agirregomezkorta Etxebarne
Cristian Merello