It’s been a long time since the Groms of the Rip Curl team got together to surf, train and most of all, have fun !

Even if the swell was not really happening during this summer edition of the Hell Team Camp in Hossegor, each surfable wave of each session was exploited to the maximum by super excited Groms, including a very appreciated stop at the Wave Garden!

Nothing could have altered their contagious good humour and inexhaustible energy, not even the QS cancellation in Anglet. One thing is certain, the Rip Curl Hell Team groms are just waiting for one thing : the next Hell Team Camp next winter!

Hossegor Hell Team Camp Summer 2021

-Kai Odriozola 15 Spain

-Hans Odriozola 14 Spain

-Matias Canhoto 14 Portugal

-Lukas Skinner 13 UK

-Enoha Le Pieres 14 France

-Tya Zebrowski 10 France