“Is this the Heaviest surf session ever seen in the Mentawaiis?

“I’ve been traveling to the Mentawaiis Islands for the past 10 years and for me this was some of the Biggest, heaviest, shallowest and most dangerous waves ive surfed around here… It might look perfect, but trust me….

“This wave stands up like a train, it’s steep like looking down a cliff, once you made that drop and pulled in, you never know if that last section is going to do… It’s a roll of the dice, wether it stays open and lets you out or just close out because the reef is to shallow to handle such mass of water.

“You gotta pay to play, and this time the boys paid to play.. Scratches, broken board, split up noses and to finish off the session Nasty Nate knocked himself out on the last wave.

“Life of a pro surfer is the dream they say, until you go head first into the reef and need to get stiches but your 16h away from the closest Hospital”.