Carve Surfing Magazine

Carve Magazine Issue 209

Sep 20, 2021

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What is surfing to you?
“What is surfing to you?” Good question! Recently, to me, it’s meant long days swearing at a non co-operative horizon, staring at blank swell charts and waiting. I’ve learnt a few new ways to use expletives, seen some dolphins and tuna, watched a lot of sunsets, and may have been driven to drink. Flat spells, hey. Thought they had been consigned to the 1980s, but no. Of course, the real answer to the question should be – a joyous pastime in a natural environment, the doorway to a work/ life balance outside the usual 9-5, sport, community, an avenue for creativity, and a reason to cherish and protect our special playgrounds. So this issue we have bravely ignored the fact it has been flat for weeks and touched on all of the above! After the World Games we asked Britain’s top competitors and federation reps just what support is needed for the UK to once again have a top internationally ranked shortboarder on the WSL tour and in the Olympics. Craig Maclachlan tells us what it’s like to be a grom on the north coast of Scotland, and Levi Freed writes about the liberation of spirit that surfing provides. In travel, two of Ireland’s finest escape to Indo and try to surf every wave within their reach while scoring big time. Al Mackinnon explores Madeira’s huge waves and their even bigger threats from the local government’s bad planning. We also have our annual photo competition with amazing contributions from right around the UK and Ireland. And we have an eassy from Croyde, the jewel of North Devon’s crown, and legends from Skewjack – Britain’s first and most famous/infamous surf camp. So, tales from all coasts of our unique surf community. Which despite occasional flatness is pretty special. Never let anyone tell you any different… Unless it’s flat through September as well, in which case feel free!