Hosted 7 – 9th October 2021 this 10th anniversary edition of London Surf / Film Festival x Vans is bringing to the UK the very best surf films from across the globe – a hand picked line up of hotly anticipated premieres and underground projects to stoke the fires and draw us together. Accompanied by talks, art, icons, music, good times and more, London Surf / Film Festival is a must-attend for anyone of a salty persuasion, a true celebration of the cream of international surf culture and our homegrown surf community.

“Over the last decade, we’re delighted to have worked with the most exciting surf filmmaking talents to bring to the UK those films that represent the pinnacle of our culture,” says LS/FF Director Chris Nelson. “The pleasure has been in showcasing those films as they’re meant to be enjoyed – on the big screen, in a stoke filled cinema of like minded crew! For our 10th Edition, we’ve been blown away with epic entries from all corners, realms and niches from inspiring documentaries and travelogues to stir the wanderlust to jaw dropping surf performance.”

For international filmmakers there’s just a week left to enter your movies. Submissions to The Shorties short film strand are open until 10th September. Filmmakers from or based in UK and Ireland are invited to enter shorts of up to 5 minutes in length that explore all aspects and angles of surfing and surf culture through documentary, comedy, action, arthouse, animation or anything in between. Details: HERE 

“Short films are a pillar of modern surf culture, a creative outlet for sharing stories and inspiring stoke,” says London Surf / Film Festival Director Demi Taylor. “We established The Shorties in 2011 to provide a platform for the homegrown talents here on our shores and it’s become one of the most prestigious short film competitions for surf filmmakers in the world. We champion those projects that bring fresh perspectives to our culture, through exceptional cinematography, story telling or surfing – filmmaking is not about big cameras, it’s about big ideas.”

About London Surf / Film Festival

London Surf / Film Festival was founded a decade ago by surfers and writers Chris Nelson and Demi Taylor. It began, where all the best ideas start life, around the kitchen table, in the deep mid winter, after a few good waves. The aim was to bring together the UK surfing tribes to share the stoke, the storytelling and the cream of surf culture; after 9 editions, some 225 film premiers, with art shows, live music, talks and a whole heap of good times, it has grown to become a must attend gathering for the global waveriding collective. LS/FF 10 x VANS 7-9 October 2021