Long time Carve contributor Lewis Arnold is looking for your backing to produce a book that will show case the surfing communities of the North Sea.

“Think of an “exhibition in print”,” says Lewis ” with your support, GLASS can be a progressive, fully-independent, limited-edition photobook created to show that surf-related photography, art and writing are valid artistic disciplines.

“There are hundreds of surfing communities across the North Sea zone, pollinated by surf culture, whilst also influenced by big city culture. Whether it’s writing, film, zines, festivals or art, places like Amsterdam, Stockholm and Edinburgh are producing original and stimulating work that often has no natural home in a surf media skewed towards blue seas, blue seas and boards shorts.

“I don’t want to make a lightweight, throwaway zine or mag and the longevity of the book is hugely important. so and the content will be curated to be timeless and hopefully the book can be cherished and shared for a long time.”

You can back the Glass Kick-starter here