Carve Surfing Magazine

Carve Magazine Issue 207

May 26, 2021

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Welcome to issue 207, we hope you have been getting a few waves. It’s been quite a spring! When is a secret spot really secret? And what do you do when keeping the spot secret might put the existence of that wave under threat? These questions are coming up more and more, as rampant developers, the global elite and even some second home owners, eye up the coastal idylls. In two recent cases, traffic and parking issues at sensitive (not secret) spots have caused access problems on the Cornish and Yorkshire coastlines. Hopefully both have been addressed with local campaigns and not too much damage has been done. One spot much further away in the Caribbean however, is a different story. The right on Barbuda was so well protected that even Save the Waves didn’t know where it was. That was until the whole island was threatened by huge developments that would change the lives of inhabitants – both human and natural wildlife – forever. The decision was made by a small band of surfers and photographers, to launch a global campaign to protect the rights of locals, the indigenous wildlife, the coast and the wave itself, from what looks like illegal luxury developments. It’s a tough call to out a spot you hold dear, but one that had to be made. You can read all about it and the campaign on page 70. It’s hard to get to, and rarely breaks, but it’s one of those spots that you can dream of, so please support the campaign. Also in this issue we chat to the British team about Olympic dreams, some pretty cool shapers about this years surfboards, Patch Wilson about adventure and tree planting, and James Garvey – who was pulled unconscious from one of Ireland’s heaviest waves and revived by a bunch of legends. And much more! And remember if you fancy sending in your shots and stories email us at [email protected] We’d love to see them!