So… When Mitch’s mega barrel hit the internet yesterday the chap that burned him on the end section copped heaps off the internet commentators, but as always at the most crowded sandbar on earth not many waves go ridden without some degree of disregard for, or ‘judgement’, on someone coming down the lines ability to make the wave.

Mitch’s wave is case in point. Photographer Arron Pierce was first call out that Mitch himself may have burned a fellow surfer and ruined a potentially even better longer barrel. His comment and photographic evidence above.

Would the anonymous goofy have made it and cruised into the annals of digital surfing history? Arron says “Yes”.

Mitch, an apparently very nice chap, hasn’t made much of the drop in mainly being happy with the ride itself, and the post isn’t really to deride him in anyway, but with the benefit of hindsight we can call the dogs off the previously unknown man and let him sink back into anonymity? Can we all just be friends?

Mitch’s wave from the second section onwards here