Carve Surfing Magazine

Carve Magazine Issue 206

Mar 22, 2021

The new issue is out. You can get it delivered to door for by hitting this link here .

Sorry it has been some time. Lockdown, Brexit and a landslide of photos from all corners of Britain and Ireland have caused some disruption of late. But here we are, kicking off 2021 with a new issue, new features, but the same stoke. I think this was an exceptional winter. Heaven or hell depending on how close to the beach you live or how stringently you kept lockdown travel rules. Personally, I took to the spirit and didn’t travel to some of my favourite waves that I deemed outside of my community. So, hell for me for a while. Although I do take pleasure when the inbox starts pinging with shots of you lot out enjoying yourselves. And ping it did. To the point where it nearly took out our hard drives. So, this issue is filled with all the action and reaction from what could have been one of the best ever. Or worst. See what you think… Also, we catch up with Tom Lowe, who has had an amazing run at Jaws, Mavs and Pipe. So good to see him repping our big wave crew. Alys Barton has been ripping lately, so Mark Vaughan caught up with her to find out what lays ahead. The Isle of Wight has good waves and a solid crew, but this issue we finally get proof. Plus George Watt gives us the rundown on Fraserburgh. And there’s lots more. So dig in. Glad you are here… glad we are all here to be honest! Hope you enjoy.