A board lost in Runswick Bay, Saltburn has been reunited with its owner after drifting 400 miles to Shetland!

The Lee Brogans leash snapped at Runswick Bay on 20 November he thought that that was the last he’d see of his beloved Walden.
“Pretty futile hope that it turns up,” he posted on Facebook,  “Last seen going out in a rip apparently. If it rocks up.. Please message me.”
And seemingly that was that…
Five weeks later however Stephanie Riise was out with her partner Jake Anderson in Shetland when they saw something strange – a bright yellow surfboard.
Stephanie says they often find strange things washed on the remote northern islands, but his was ‘definitely stranger than most of what we have found.” Steph posted her find on the Shetland seashore discoveries forum, and was instantly inundated with messages.
“Within and hour I had message saying we should be alerting the government, if they could have it, or saying they knew whose it was..” Steph didn’t believe most the messages so took the post down. However another surfer remembered Lees post and put them in touch.
“I was cautious at first says Step, but Lee sent me all the photos of him with the board and a link to his post, so it was clearly his. We could hardly believe it.”
Lee had given up on his beloved board of 10 years so was obviously stoked to see it.
“If it hadn’t been for lockdown I would have probably taken the a road trip to collect it.
75 days later and Lee and board were reunited!
“Good job it hit Shetland otherwise it’d have been a much longer journey to nowhere!


Just got the board back yesterday (3rd Feb). So stoked” says Lee