If you are not familiar with the concept it is about creating a surfboard by recycling waste (old boards, plastic bottles, cigarette butts, cardboard, toilet paper roll, algae etc…)
Voting closes at midnight on October 16th and the ceremony will take place live online on October 28th.
Here’s a few we liked. Check out the full entry list here.

Zach Voigt, San Diego, CA
Materials used: A buckled longboard, a bag full of used wine corks, a lot of glue and patience.

Jack Candlish and James Skivington, Lyall Bay, New Zealand
Materials used: All natural materials (wood, hemp, cork) are offcuts up-cycled from our factory floor. The EPS is from an old freezer door found at the local rubbish tip.

Takuma Iso, Japan
Materials used:
Fish box blank, seaweed fins, waste wood stringer.

Marceau Pegon, France
Materials used: 
Over 600 of toilet paper’s rolls, cork + piece of surboard foam for the rails, central slat in recycled cardboard.

Charlie Cadin, St. Aubins Bay, Jersey
Materials used: Dried Sea Lettuce and fiberglass.  Once dried, the sea lettuce created a rigid sheet, from which the deck, bottom, rails and skeleton were shaped.