Cynevin (pronounced k – neh – vin):

Describing a connection to place of birth an intimate relationship with home. 

Surfing and international travel have always gone hand in hand. From the culturally iconic 60’s surf film The Endless Summer to the current WSL world tour, the two appear intrinsically linked. This film is instead a celebration of staying put, an ode to home. 

In Mike Lay’s case, home is West Cornwall in the UK. As a professional longboarder, Mike is more often pictured overseas, competing and telling stories of his adventures. But the Cornish coast is his first love and this entire film is shot in a 20 minute radius of his house. 

While this project was mainly shot pre COVID-19, its message is pertinent to the future of surfing. Travel is never going to be as plentiful and accessible as it once was. Maybe we all need to learn to love home a little more.