Porthmeor, June 12.

The sea never switches off, and when things go bad, they go bad quickly. That is why you will see lifeguards at the waters edge, and why they warn you when they are leaving the beach. Lifesavers know the signs, the tides, the currents, when things look a little odd… They can even judge you on your seamanship as you walk down the beach just on how and what you are carrying.

The surfers of St Ives were very quick to set up a volunteer lifeguard rota to oversee Porthmeor and their interventions and advice kept the beach very safe for most of their service. However in the final minutes of their final night on duty before the professional guards were due to start the next day their worth was truly proved. The quick actions of Anthony Stewart, Matthew Burrell and Alfie Brown saved the lives of four swimmers who got into difficulties. The swimmers got caught in a strong rip current and heavy surf.
“Five kids went in, four were rescued. One casualty was extremely lucky as she was going under when the lifeguards got there, she was lucky,” said St Ives Beach patrol’s Harris Rothchild.

“The video does a pretty good job of explaining what went down and without the fast actions of Anthony Stewart, Matthew Burrell and Alfie Brown there certainly would have been a very different outcome. Also thanks to Nick Pumphrey, Kaz Philips and Travis Bullbeck for their assistance.”

We sent some Offshore Pilsners courtesy of Sharps so they can have well deserved beer after work in the summer sun. Great work crew!

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