The generational Surfing short film HOME SCHOOL was born out of pandemic pulse of waves on the Gold Coast and having our best Surfers home in lock down. We assembled a team of local cameramen to combine their talent with clips of everyone from the Grom’s to the World Champions to create a generational short film on the  May Day’s of Covid 19.

The local business community threw their weight behind the venture and the film came to life showcasing the Gold Coast Surfing community and Coastline set to a soundtrack of some of Australia’s up and coming bands.

In these Corona Virus times the community has come together in support as we all stay local. Moving forward we would like to continue to grow with our community providing more regular mini movies showcasing the depth of talent in the Goldy.

Lesson 1 comes from the lenses of up and coming talents like Luke Workman, Malachi Urquhart and Gold Coast staple names like Simon “Shagga” Saffigna and Lachlan McKinnon among many others featuring their clips of everyone from Icons like Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Stephanie Gilmore, Josh Kerr and even Occy to the next generation of female superstars like Sierra Kerr and the flying Squirrel aka Quincy Symonds and everyone in between.

Enjoy Lesson 1 and don’t forget to do your homework kids.