Who doesn’t want a life of grooving around the globe, searching for perfect waves off the beaten track? living the dream, Asher Pacey is silky smooth and soulful in the water. He rides a beautifully-curated quiver of surfboards with casual poise and a stylish flair. High class, high lines, an adventure through aqua playgrounds, surfing for the love of surfing and nothing else. Click in and enjoy the thrill of the glide with Pacey and crew.

Asher Pacey maiden South Coast crystallisation.
Feat – Zion elder Kai Otton, wildcard world champion kneeler Chayne Simpson & fellow spiritual Z advisor, Pigsy.

Filmed – Ryan Mattick
Cut – James Kates

Chris Knox – Filling Me
Funk & Quot – African Funk Soul
Elizabeth Cotten – Freight Train