Kyllian Guerin reflects…

“With everything that has happened in the world lately, I feel different. 

“In France, we have just been able to surf again after two months in lockdown. This long period of lockdown has given me time to reflect. Far from what makes my life, without any control over things, I had to adapt and hang on to my memories to stay in my “bubble” and try to continue living and dreaming like the “teenager surfer” that I am.

“In this new “Souvenirs” video, I just want to share with you all the moments that kept me going. I bring you with me to discover a year rich in memories where I travelled through Indonesia, discovered  the Waco wave pool or enjoyed all these incredible waves in France with my friends. 

“A new world opens up to us, and it is only when your freedom is restricted, that you understand that only your “Memories” allow you to stay free….”