“RISS.” ushers in a new phase of Carissa’s life while celebrating a comeback that was the culmination of years of emotional searching and hard-won personal strides. It captures the turning point and how the 2019 title race unfolded as a result. “My goal was to peel back layers and show the person behind the athlete,” says the director, Peter Hamblin. “Everyone sees this one perspective of her, and [I wanted] to show the depth of her personality and what a wonderful person she is.” “This is a real look into who I am, as a person, and I hope people are inspired to live authentically, chase their dreams and treat others with love,” says Carissa. “I hope this film is something positive that can be a nice escape for a little while from everything that’s going on.” The film will be available on Red Bull TV on May 11th. Visit redbull.com/Riss for updates.