How we all doing, hang in there. We want to see your quiver, your rides, your water sleds, yes even the ones hidden from your partner in the loft or shed, I’ve been there, don’t worry. In fact I’ve still got 3 stashed in the toilet at work aswell as this ragtag bunch above, and I live alone, old habits hey.

If you can take a shot WITHOUT leaving your home, tag us in @carvemag on insta or post on the thread on facebook. Boards like people come in all different shapes and sizes and I’ve had good (and bad times) with all of mine, thankfully the good outweigh the bad.

We’re all in this together people, all shapes and sizes so let’s have some fun, whether your quiver consists of one foamie, or a full pro set, it doesn’t matter, we’d like to see them and you if you can selfie. And be nice, be kind, have fun, the only trolls we need right now are the ones that offer hug time and parp glitter. Check out Alex Williams and his sweet retro collection below. #carvemag #stayhome #self-isolation #wevegotthis #social-distancing #bekind

Photo: Alex Williams