If you follow us or any of the British and Irish big wave surfers on socials you may often see us comment that not many people appreciate the effort put in or the learning curve that the crews towing Mully have been on. Most are basically self taught, picking up tips as they met more teams from around the globe.

When Cotty first picked up a rope there had only really been Gabe Davies and Richie Fitzgerald giving it a go in the cold wild waters of north west Ireland. It is an unforgiving place. A fact that Cotty, obviously highly enthusiastic, optimistic, learner PWC driver soon learned.

When news leaked out of his tour around Donegal Bay trying to swim the ski back in so he didn’t let down his mate or take up the emergency services time, he took hammering from some haters on social forums. While there were some points he could take on board, some were way over the top. Cottys answer. Well five years later he towed McNamara into the biggest wave ever ridden. And if you were ever in trouble he’s one man who wouldn’t hesitate to come and get you. Think that says it all.