After Maresias in Brazil last year, Bells beach in Australia earlier this year. 
This time the Rip Curl European Hell Team had a blast surfing and experiencing the pool of Waco in Texas. Groms lead by Kyllian Guerin (16,FR), were very lucky to surf Waco just for themselves for 3 days to practice their air games.

It has been a very improving experience for the entire team! We get enough time and waves each to practice our air game” said the junior French surfer. Matias Canhoto (12, PRT) and Enoha Le Pieres (12, FR) get used to understand their body positioning and landing position over the board.

After these 3 intense days, the crew moved back to California and especially Trestles to practice in the ocean what they learnt at Waco.

I felt way more confident in the sea after this 3 days spent in the pool. I’m not scared anymore to land huge air on flat.” ends the Portuguese under 12 champion.

Here’s the recap of this amazing Hell Team Experience!