Prescription, the latest instalment from gifted lensman Sam Breeze featuring Seb Smart.

The pair journeyed hours to a mystical place that they had only heard about in myths and legend. The temperature in February exceeded our expectations, sunlight and little wind allowed Sebastian Smart to wear only a wetsuit and boots. The sensory advantage that this allowed helped with navigation through shallow grinding wave tunnels.

Although some of the local folk deemed Sebastian insane for riding a 5’10 in tall surf with no gloves or hood in the depths of winter, Sebastian felt more than ok. Other times he rode a 7’8 widow maker, a long steed with a large centre fin, and two tiny sides. This proved to work better for the Scottish winter seas. The gloves and hood were forgotten, they stayed unused in the boot of a hire car parked usually out of sight.Sam would often set up his filming station close to the ocean. It was there he could get close footage of the waves and feel connected to the water even though he was on land. Waves often smashed up the rocks, meaning Sam would have to run to safety, and in some cases, climb..

Although the jaunt to this magical land was such a mission, the actual window to wave-ride was extremely small, for the wind and swell was so unpredictable. Conditions would often spiral out of control, leaving no chance for any man to tame. However, the small window which the universe had provided was the perfect antidote. And so, this 2 minute and 56 second video clip was manifested. Photography / Film / Edit : Sam Breeze Words : Mijellan pharos