I got up this morning, then tripped over this strange pointy thing in the corner of my room. After further inspection it appears that the said ‘strange pointy thing’ is in fact a surfboard, and I appear to have several of them, far too many to be honest. As it’s been flat or onshore for so fricking long I’ve almost forgotten what they are for, it appears they’ve morphed into some kind of clothes hangers. If like myself you’ve forgotten what your strange pointy thing is for you might want to watch this clip. If you’ve forgotten what your other strange pointy thing is for, you need to be looking at a whole different thing that were not getting involved with that you naughty people. 

Check out Rip Curl Team Riders Mick Fanning & Xavier Huxtable as they join Nathan Hedge, Isabella Nichols, Mitch Parkinson, Clancy Dawson, Korbin ‘The Search’ Hutchings and crew for an epic little morning over on the other side.

Surfing, oh how I miss thee.