When did you go to the Maldives?
I went to the Maldives at the end of April for eight days with the Surf Solution’s crew.

Was it your first time there? If so, what blew your mind?
Yes, it was the first time I’d been to a tropical country, and my mind was blown from the minute I stepped off the plane. Stepping off the plane, you walk straight over to a dock where you’re greeted by a boat for your airport transfer; this was a first for me. Once you get over the excitement of getting to the accommodation, the thing that amazed me was the warmth and how clear the water was. This was my first time surfing in boardshorts which was crazy especially when you’re sharing the lineup with dolphins, sharks and hundreds of different fish!

Who was ripping on the trip?
Everybody was killing it all trip, but Jo Morris surfed stylishly with a range of different manoeuvres really standing out! Also, Sam Hearn smashed it every day surfing critically and consistently.

Did you see a lot of sea life? Any sharks?
Every break we surfed was covered with sea life we occasionally even found ourselves sharing waves with dolphins and turtles. We also saw a small reef shark swimming around at the break Chickens, felt like I was tripping being in such a fantastic environment, it took quite a while for everything to sink in.

How’s the camp at Cokes?
The surf camp at Cokes is absolutely insane you can tell it’s a camp run by surfers for surfers and the atmosphere is always banging. It’s set back about 100m from one of the best surf breaks in the area and stepping out of your room onto the Maldivian sand is a crazy aspect!

Who filmed the clips?
Joel Gray filmed all of the clips while Lewis Arnold got lots of epic photos.

Excellent choice of tune, you into old school rock?
I can appreciate a lot of different music for there own reasons, but Pink Floyd is an incredible band which I felt suited the edit.

What’s on for the next few months in Sol world?
Haven’t got anything planned for this summer but looking forward to lifeguarding on the beaches in Newquay through summer and can’t wait for Boardmasters going to be a mad one 🙌!
Peace Sol