If you have been to Thurso you will know what a unforgiving place it can be the dead of winter. If you haven’t I am sure you can imagine. So learning to surf there is tough, training is even worse but a new initiative from the local surf club and supporters in town will give the groms and club members toilets and showers.

Jason Simpson‎ from NSSC said

“I am pleased to let everyone know that after 2 years of hard work the contract to build the new NSSC surf hut at Thurso East has been awarded to Norbloc. The work will start this week and will be completed before the end of March 2019.

“We owe a massive deal of gratitude to Lord Thurso for providing the land, Thurso Rotary Club for taking on this project and raising the funds on the clubs behalf and a special thank you to Kevin Sutherland from the Rotary Club who sourced the funding, designed the hut and managed the planning application.”

The building will consist of toilets, showers, change area, judging area/ training room, store and an office. This facility will provide a great opportunity to improve surfing in the area allowing for video analysis and training development.

Good work all involved.