The Surf Lakes testing may have been short-lived but the proof of concept was more than achieved. Now to scale up and beef up the technology and deliver to the market. From the sounds of the press release below folks are stoked on the whole dealio. Maybe the London one can have a replica of St Paul’s Cathedral dome over the central wave generator? 😉

Gold Coast, Qld, Australia: Following the success of full-scale prototype testing of the 5 Waves Surf Lake in Queensland in November 2018, licensee enquiries have been flooding in from around the globe en-masse.

Over 200 parties have actively been seeking information about how to purchase a Surf Lakes license and at least six parties are positioning to begin construction in 2019 with a view to opening commercial surf parks using 5 Waves technology in 2020.

The leading six projects are as follows:
In the US, one site in California and one in Arizona have been marked out and early stage design is underway for each. There is also one site in Western Australia as well as in London, Spain and Brazil. Licensees for all 6 sites intend to commence construction in 2019, with completion in 2020.

“The interest has been growing since the world saw those first waves in early November,” said CEO and Founder Aaron Trevis. “We are very excited about the prospect of sharing the thrill of surfing with a whole new audience, in some prime locations and amazing partners around the globe.

“Our plan for 2019 was always to commence construction of at least two commercial spec 5 Wave Surf Lakes,” Trevis continued. “But with the inbound interest from such quality licensees, we now believe that three or even four could commence construction next year, and be open to the public within 24 months.”

5 Wave Surf Lake is capable of producing up to 2400 wave per hour, offering five levels of waves, catering for skill levels from beginner to pro simultaneously. With this strong commercial proposition in mind, the potential licensees have been exploring different business models to cater to varying markets.

One particular site is intending to cater for the high net worth market by adding a 5 Waves Surf Lake within their existing private gated-community. They already have a world-class golf course, clubhouse and other resort-style amenities, so adding surfing to their offering will be really exciting.

By contrast, other sites are focussed on delivering high volume commercial facilities open to the public, with the aim of enticing children and adult non-surfers via learning to surf programs.

In one of the locations mentioned, the potential licensee owns a large lake. The intention is to retrofit it, and transform it into a real surf “lake”!

“As was proven in the test facility complex, we can create waves of all shapes and sizes to adapt to the client’s intended market,” said Trevis. “This is determined by the vertical movement of the wave making device and the shape of the reefs below the waterline. That is the beauty of this system.”