It’s like nowhere else I’ve ever been in my life. When you wake up in the morning all you can think about about surfing, and nature, and trying not to kick your toes on rocks.” – Laura Enever

The mythos of heading into the Australian desert to find waves has been burned into the collective consciousness of surfers for generations. Images of Occy threading crystal pits in Green Iguana, or sharks cruising by Shane Dorian surfing a bombie during the Billabong Challenge are two images that spring to mind.
During a recent Adventure Division trip, Occy and Shane took a new generation of crew back to the Desert Hilton, hunting swells and experience beyond the everyday grind.
The faces might have changed but the results are timeless – miles of driving rewarded with heaving barrels over urchin-infested reef. Join Occy, Shane Dorian, Jack Robinson, Laura Enever, Shaun Manners, & Kai Hing as they head North by Northwest for one iconic trip. This is, Desert Hilton.