When it comes to world tour events Europe does them better than anywhere. The jewel in the crown of course is the legendary Quik Pro France which has had an amazing run of swell over many years. With with two weeks to go here are five reasons your should get down there. And a couple of clips to whet your appetite.

2012 Quiksilver Pro France, long watch. Possible the best Quik Pro of them all, maybe one of the best comps in WT history.

The swell.
I don’t know who sacrificed what, where or when, and I hope I dont jinx it, but the comp has been consistently blessed with the some of the best and most memorable surf of the WSL/WCT history. Kelly going ham at La Grav as the sun went down. Andy… This insane little stretch of French sand is historic.

The people
A heady mix of locals, Brits, Germans, Scandis and of course the Spanish who come over the border in hoards to surf and party are in general some of the most knowledgeable and fun loving in the world. Quik Pro has a carnival type atmosphere. Thousands flock to the beach for finals day, everyone gets involved.

The surf.
You get to surf too. Sure some peaks can get a little crowded but you may end up surfing with a world title contender, a famous free surfer sending it or if look a little further just you and your crew.

The bars
Le Surfing, Dicks, Hardrock, Coolin, Central, Heads, Louvine… Legendary loose nights, never any trouble.

Carpark life
Half of your trip will be spent in the best surf car parks anywhere in the world. Full of vans with people living the van life dream, cold morning surf checks with mist rising off the ocean, sunset apres surf beers while watching the surf. Life is good!

Quiksilver Pro is on 3-14 October.

Andy V Bruce 2004