A brace of Britain’s greatest surfers are doing a 32-mile SUP paddle from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly to raise funds for SAS. The surfers will be Alan Stokes, Jayce Robinson, Ben Skinner, Emily Currie, Sam & Will Boex, Adam Griffiths plus paddle organiser and ocean photographer Mike Lacey.

Together with Surfers Against Sewage, the paddle will highlight the plastic problem our coastlines face, along with the rest of the world.

The paddle and all of the surfers involved are also part of an ongoing documentary by Mike Lacey that will look at each athlete’s relationship with the ocean and how plastic and other waste is affecting this. The documentary is aiming for completion in 2019 and will help to raise awareness.

Here is the link to the Just Giving page which the target is £5000

Paddle Team:
Mike Lacey instagram.com/mikelaceyphoto/
Sam & Will Boex instagram.com/flexi_hex/
Ben Skinner instagram.com/skindoggydog/
Adam Griffiths instagram.com/adambearmangriffiths/
Emily Currie instagram.com/emilyyy_currie/
Jayce Robinson instagram.com/jaycerobinson/
Alan Stokes instagram.com/alan_stokes/

Mike Lacey instagram.com/mikelaceyphoto/ Sam, Will Boex, Adam Griffiths and Ben Skinner )
Rich Lacey instagram.com/richlaceyphoto/ (Mike Lacey )
Greg Dennis gregdennis.co.uk/ (Jayce Robinson & Mike Lacey)
Ornella Hawthorn Gardez instagram.com/ornellahg/ ( Emily Currie)
Anthony Buttler mrbproductions.co.uk/ (Alan Stokes )