Rip Curl Cup Padang invitee list…

Jay Davies (AUS)
Jack Freestone (AUS)
Mason Ho (HAW)
Damien Hobgood (USA)
Gearoid McDaid (IRL)


Yes, I missed it first time too…

One of Irelands favourite surfing sons is off to a premier league surfing event. It is huge news in the Emerald isle and everyone who knows G Man, or not, is super stoked for him…

G Man is pretty well known in the UK and Eire, likeable young chap from Sligo, accomplished tube rider spending much time in slabbing pits from Bundoran to County Clare, a=wtia few runners in between. He is, I think it is fair to say, Irelands best performance surfer, and he recently grabbed rope to face the big stuff with Conor Maguire.

Better get a few words from the man of the moment..

So you are the first Irish man to be picked for a world class tuberiding event. The most important questions is… Going from an Irish summer, how are you going to deal with the sun?

Ha ha ya it’s going to be pretty tough over there for me not to get sun burnt. I will have plenty of sun cream packed! Been a pretty fun summer over here for waves but still gonna be pretty nice to surf over there be a bit better!

How did you find out you were invited and what were your initial thoughts?
I was kind of talking to Rip Curl about it for the last couple of months but when I found out I was so frothing. I’ve always wanted to get into this comp. It’s a perfect left, my favourite thing ha ha. So ya, I am pretty excited to go to Bali next week and it’ll hopefully be pumping!

The lads at home are obviously all freaking out? You get a lot of support hey..
Ya everyone over here is super happy for me / pretty jealous. Ha ha. I’ve a big support from everyone here when I go to comps which is super nice. I’m always getting messages about heats makes me feel good to be Irish.

So how do you feel when you read the list and it basically goes.. “Damien Hobgood, Gearoid, Bruno Santos… That’s some call there…
The invite list is next level. I kinda read it and feel like my name doesn’t fit. I mean all these huge names and me! But hopefully i can prove myself over here and get some sick ones and show everyone what I can do

Have you screen grabbed the invite list and printed out? You should…
Ha ha Not yet but ya I probably will could be the biggest thing I’ll ever do!

What’s the plan now? Do you wait for a swell and then book your flight or do you jump on a plane right away and camp out in Indo?
I’m actually going next Thursday. I’m going to be there for the whole waiting period which is sick. So psyched to go chill in Bali, surf everyday in boardies and have a good time while waiting for hopefully and epic swell!


Event Waiting Period
July 1st – 31st

Rip Curl Planet Beach Cleanup
Friday, June 29th at 8 AM, Padang Padang Beach, Bali

Opening Ceremony
Sunday, July 1st at 3 PM, Padang Padang Beach, Bali
1. Meet the surfers
2. Press conference
3. Traditional Balinese Kecak Dance