Antoine Delpero (FRA) during Quarters of Longboard Pro Biarritz 2018

Antoine Delpero (FRA) and Justine Mauvin (REU) have won the Longboard Pro Biarritz in historic fashion today, claiming victory in the Finals against Edouard Delpero (FRA) and Justine Dupont (FRA) held in perfect three foot surf at Côte des Basques.


Stop No. 3 of 4 on the 2018 World Surf League (WSL) European Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS), the Longboard Pro Biarritz has been treated to excellent surf for the past three days and incredible performances by some of the world’s best longboarders, culminating today with Delpero and Mauvin’s wins and the crowning of Justine Dupont as the 2018 European Longboard Women Champion.

In an all Delpero final, Edouard the youngest, started early with an excellent 8.00 in the opening seconds. But Antoine came back firing with an incredible four waves in a row, first a high-7, then a 9.47, 9.83 and finally a 9.67 to put his brother in a combination situation he could never climb out of.

“It was just a dream scenario to surf that final with my brother in front of all our friends and family,” Antoine said. “I tried to stay focused but honestly this day was absolutely exhilarating, I’m over the moon.”

Antoine scored a perfect 10 yesterday in very similar conditions and continued to surf the long rights of the North bank with near-perfect execution, mixing long nose rides and radical rail turns to take his second win of the season. With this result, the 5-time European longboard champion takes the lead in the 2018 title race before the final stop in England this summer.

“I had the best two waves with priority and just surfed them like I could, everything went my way,” he added. “I didn’t event think of the title to be honest. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to go to Boardmasters, Edouard and I have a business together and that’s the busiest time of year, so we’ll probably play rock-paper-scissors to decide if one of us goes.”

Ben Skinner finished in third place in both this comp and the BTZ BELZA CLASSIC, Ben Howey, Jack Unsworth in fifth in the Biarritz classic.. British surfers now occupy three of the top five ranks.

In the women’s final, it was an all-French, all-Justine battle between Justine Dupont and Justine Mauvin. Dupont came in as the current leader in the 2018 European title race, and Mauvin, absent from competition this season, entered the event at the very last moment and started in Round 1.

The next and final stop of the 2018 Longboard Qualifying Series will be at Boardmasters this summer from August 10-12.

The current European Top 5 is as follows:

European LQS Men’s Top 5:
1 – Antoine Delpero (FRA)
2 – Edouard Delpero (FRA)
3 – Ben Skinner (GBR)
4 – Jack Unsworth (GBR)
5 – Ben Howey (GBR)

European LQS Women’s Top 5:
1 – Justine Dupont (FRA) ***European Champion***
2 – Nienke Duinmeijer (NLD)
3 – Francesca Rubegni (ITA)
4 – Alice Lemoigne (FRA)
5 – Kathleen Barrigao (PRT)
5 – Valentina Marconi (ITA)

The Longboard Pro Biarritz and BTZ Belza Classic are scheduled from June 7-10, 2018 at Côte des Basques in Biarritz – France. For all photos, videos, news releases and results, visit and the WSL app.

The Longboard Pro Biarritz is supported by the city Council of Biarritz, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Côte des Basques Surf Club, BTZ, Segafredo, Carlsberg and Virgin Radio.

1 – Antoine Delpero (FRA) 19.50
2 – Edouard Delpero (FRA) 16.57

1 – Justine Mauvin (REU) 15.63
2 – Justine Dupont (FRA) 15.20

SF 1: Antoine Delpero (FRA) 18.56 def. Augusto Olinto (BRA) 15.23
SF 2: Edouard Delpero (FRA) 17.06 def. Ben Skinner (GBR) 16.17

SF 1: Justine Dupont (FRA) 17.06 def. Mason Schremmer (USA) 11.27
SF 2: Justine Mauvin (REU) 17.67 def. Alice Lemoigne (FRA) 17.54