Yeah I know…More wave pools. BUT this kind of looks like summery Caribbean fun to me. Little sections to hit, fun bowls, shared sessions, all the things that the ruler edged wake of the Ranch don’t offer. Sure you can get endlessly barrelled there, if you are the in the richest 1% of the world club. And sure you can get air there.. if you are Toledo. (You can’t really count Jordys, I don’t really think he would either). BUT for the rest us of… ain’t happening. No one is going to get a go on this thing for a long, long time.

Waco, however, is opening. To you and me, and for friends. And it is user friendly. But whats it that draws the eye? I think for most the world population it is because it looks like your favourite summer spot. It’s not perfect, but somehow the little warbles and kinks add to the waves allure.