Alan Stokes, multi surfing champion, ably aided by Dom Moore, is setting up a new kind of surf training fitness camp using dynamic movement, flow techniques, fitness and psychology to improve your surfing – from beginners to advanced there is something for everyone.

Why you are doing it?

Good question, I suppose I’m at a point where I have been surfing for a crazy amount of time. I learnt to surf when I was six years old and have been free surfing and competing professionally for over 20 years. I realised early on that I had a talent for understanding the dynamics that made good surfing and would apply these rules to my own approach. This awareness was instrumental to my success and I continue to evaluate and experiment to this day. I have practiced yoga to some extent my whole career but without really understanding or practicing any specific style. It was my partner Philly, who is an amazing yoga teacher, who really switched me on to Vinyasa yoga and I instantly made connections with the positive effects the practice was having on me out in the waves.

Since then, I have become a qualified Yin yoga teacher myself and continue to look at the practice for inspiration. In short I have become extremely passionate about the simple art of movement and how we can apply certain training methods and practices to better our everyday lives. These movement patterns, training methods and practices can also be applied to an intense physical activity like surfing to help avoid injury and improve performance. My teaching comes from a place of minute personal scrutiny that has amassed over years of practice. Being able to pass on this information to other surfers and see positive results is really rewarding for me.

What does the course involve?

I have put together a day of coaching based on my own experience and proven training methods. Including the ‘Infinity Flow’ movement mapping method. Pro tips and tricks using dynamic movement training, surf simulations, surf environment breakdowns and in water coaching.

The course has been developed to hack the surfing learning curve, offering expert advice whilst highlighting and breaking down bad habits that ultimately lead to poor performance. The program also dives into the science and psychological side of surfing with ISA advanced instructor Dom Moore. Utilising The Rule of Three’s progression theory and Stress Inoculation training, Dom teaches how building, setting and evaluating specific goal driven tasks can be instrumental in raising performance. We also explore what the effects of surf related stress induced states are having on our psychological and physical condition.

What is ‘Infinity Flow’ movement mapping? And how can it help surfers.

Surfing, like most board sports on a foundation level requires the rider to create flow. Seamless movement patterns that translate into forward momentum. ‘Infinity Flow’ is a term I use to describe a series of movement patterns that unlock the ability to create flow. Movement mapping teaches this series of movements in a surf simulated environment before we hit the surf and helps to diagnose and rewrite bad movement patterns. Ultimately it teaches the practitioner to adopt a continuous flowing movement pattern, translating kinetic energy through the body and into the board as it communicates with the wave.

What are ‘The Rule of Three’s’ progression theory and Stress Inoculation training and how do they help?

This part of the course is taught by Dom Moore so he has the following answers below.

The rule of threes is a system that looks at the three pillars of surfing progression: knowledge, fitness and technique. We examine the strong interplay between these factors, and look at realistic ways to develop across all three. The rule of threes provides a robust ground for surfers to set goals and evaluate their success, and trains them to look for real ways to get better at surfing even when they can’t get to the water.

Stress inoculation is all about broadening a surfer’s comfort zone across all areas of surfing such as stepping up to bigger surf, dealing with crowds, preparing for competition and so on. We look at what fear is, the effects it has on surfing performance, and then develop ways to push back the fear boundary to slay the demons and clear the path ahead for more critical surfing.

Who are you aiming at?

This course is designed for a broad spectrum of surfing abilities. It is a great course for beginners looking to get a head start in a new sport. Beginners must be able to paddle out and catch and ride a green faced wave. Likewise the course is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers looking to learn key physical and phycological techniques and training methods to improve performance.

‘Infinity Flow Surf Clinic’
– With professional surfer 3 x British Champion Alan Stokes and ISA advanced instructor Dom Moore
– 28th April 2018
– Hosted by The Surf Sanctuary, Headland Hotel, Newquay
– Price £120 per person

To book visit or contact Dom Moore at The Surf Sanctuary on 07540155123
[email protected]