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OK so it ended up a bit more than ten, and there are lots more we could have added, but on International Womens day these strong independent women deserve a shout out.

No ego, great presence, funny, talkative… practically died twice surfing massive waves and went back for more…Surfs because she loves it.

Rochelle Ballard
I watched Rochelle fighting for womens rights on the beach at a ASP world tour event when they wanted to send the women in one foot slop, mainly because they were women. She absolutely gave it to the head judge. Womens surfing owes a lot to her and her crew. They cut a swathe through chauvinism, and she rode one of what is still one of the best barrels ever during a womens comp at Fiji.

Lauren Hill
Graceful, skillfull, outspoken, funny, surfer, feminist and mum.

The SurfGirl magazine team
Got to add the girls in the office… Well it’s either that or earache for the arvo… just joking…
Founded in 2002 to give women in surfing coverage and a voice SurfGirl is now 16 years old. In a male dominated world where a lot of fashion brands do not take woman in sport or their love of the lifestyle seriously, it has been and continues to be a fight, but the all women team at the magazine has developed a community of over 670,000 followers, and a magazine with a core of global subscribers and newsstand presence from the UK to USA, Australia, Portugal and beyond.

Paige Alms of Hawaii wins the women’s 2017 wsl peahi challenge

All the women at the Pe’ahi challenge.
After the men had the best of the conditions and made big wave surfing history it was interesting to see how the women would fair… They did not disappoint. Equal places for women in the WSL Big Wave tour events please. It is 2018 after all…
Paige Alms, Keala, Justine Dupont, Bianca Valenti, Andrea Moller and Felicity Palmateer we salute you.

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