If you asked me : What are the two things you’re most passionate about? I’d say that, outside of my family, it’s the ocean and cinematography. Hands down.

In the back of my mind I always knew I’d shoot a trip with Kelly Slater. I just didn’t think it’d be his first ever surf trip with John Florence in a remote tropical line up and at times, there’d only be the three of us in the water, working. Because, that’s what it is right? Work…. yep, that’s what I tell people!

It’s been a while between drinks…. actually, 2014 since the last water cinematography reel emerged from the One Palm Media studio. Three years or so, many trips with amazing people, interesting experiences and lots of amazing pixels captured that can’t all fit into one space. So we’ve been brutal and tried not to bore you with this ‘showreel’ edit. Here it is (below the frame grabs)…. a culmination of the two things I’m most passionate about, outside of the thing that I am most passionate about. And that’s what it’s all really about isn’t it? Enjoy!

Talon Clemow