Can you see them, I doubt’t it? Microbeads so small in size, huge in the problem they create for our oceans.

Tuesday January 9 2018 sees the manufacturing ban of the use of microbeads which are hugely detrimental to marine life and the environment. The ban bars the production of such beads, and from July a ban on sales comes in to force.
Mammoth quantities of these plastic beads which are used in many cosmetics, face scrubs and toothpastes make their way into the oceans causing untold harm to wildlife, the environment and eventually often ending up back in our food chain.
The huge problem with plastic pollution in our aquatic playground has gained a high profile in recent years with more than 8 million pieces of plastic making their way into our oceans daily. The microbead ban is a small but important step forward to cleaner oceans, and a happier planet for future generations to come.

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