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Andrew Cotton has been hurt in a wipeout Garret McNamara is calling one of the worst wipeouts ever. He is OK, being looked after and in good spirits but has broken his back. Get well soon!

Garret posted
The animal, Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton, one of my best friends one of the best people I know a beautiful beautiful mind a beautiful amazing human being. Andrew got hurt on this wave today, so everybody let’s focus on a speedy speedy recovery he says he’s fine just a little back injury nothing serious but we want to get that boy back in the water, so please everybody manifest focus and see him back in action in record time we love Cotty I love you ❤️❤️❤️💯

@polikromia who was filming the session posted

“We seldomly share footage while in production of a new doc but…this just happened today in Nazare.
While shooting GMAC’s @mcnamara_s return to Nazare Cotty @andrew_cotty got the gnarliest wipe out we have ever seen! By the way, that is not the board flying in the air…Thankfully Cotty’s ok… He’s currently at the hospital recovering. Andy, the team and I are sending you all the love.”

Shot exclusively for GMAC’s new doc/ movie by : @go_dids
The A Team:
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