Aliens Was Here is a Veeco Production starring the elite Volcom Surf team. We settled in Bali for five weeks and the boys encountered more than just aliens! From our top lords scoring a secret slab to our alienated youth shifting heads, this film will leave you with a fine dosage of yet another Volcom classic!

STARRING: Ozzy Wrong, Noa Deane, Balaram Stack, Mitch Coleborn, Ryan Burch, Andrew Doheny, Yago Dora, Nate Tyler, Mauro Diaz, Pat Schmidt, Miguel Tudela, Leon Glatzer, Gony Zubizarreta, Harry Timson, William Aliotti, Guy Sato, Shun Murakami, Muklis Anwar, *Mason Ho

FEATURING: Nolan Rodgers, Hayden Rodgers, Hagan Johnson, Santiago Hart, Kobi Clements, Jarvis Earle, Keanu Taylor

CUT & DIRECTED: Jimmy Jazz James
PRODUCED BY: Richie Olivares, Brad Dougherty
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Tom Carey, Matt Bemrose
CAMERAS: Jimmy Jazz James, Nate Leal, Scott Stinnett, Matt ‘Metal Neck’ Tromberg, Tom Carey

Cloacas – “Burn the Bongos”
Power Lunch – “Automatic Inflatable Blow Up Mattress”
Power Lunch – “The Pash”
Goons of Doom – “Down the Beach”
Blistar – “Fet”
Useless Eaters – “Certain Doom”