A Duke Kahanamoku redwood plank surfboard from around 1930 is apparently up for sale on eBay in the UK. Price £70,000.

The same seller also has a Dale Velzy hotcurl redwood surfboard for £15,000

While we await a response from the seller here are the details if you have spare cash.

“Offered for sale is a 1930’s redwood plank – left in the care of Bed Higgins (Huntington beach lifeguard) by Duke Kahanamoku, the father of surfing.

Duke would leave items with Bud while he would fly across the globe, demonstrating surfing, and meeting influential people. Duke introduced Surfing in 1914, and the board used in these first demonstrations is pictured behind this later, shorter board (though is not included in this sale at all).

This redwood ‘plank’ board was left to Bud, who’s widow later sold it in the 70’s. It has been privately owned since.

It is made from three redwood planks, which are thought to be old telegraph poles. The board has DUKE carved into the head, and these letters have paint on also. The board has some water stains, and a crack at the top from its age.

It has the remains of what appears to be a varnish layer, although much of this has fallen away.

Plank boards are now extremely rare, and non rarer than ones linked to the late great Duke.

Sensible offers welcome. Currently in the UK”