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The wave pool war continues with the announcement of the first commercial Kelly Slater Surf Ranch and it’s being built within half an hour’s drive of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. Palm Beach certainly has the money for whatever the admission fee will be. Word is it’ll be open in 2019.

From Kelly: Well…it’s official…we have a building permit in Palm Beach County for #SurfRanchFlorida. I’m beyond proud and stoked to see the first of our developments at @kswaveco going to my home state of #Florida. Thank you to Mayor Burdick and the city commissioners for your approval and support of the project. Also thank you to #JupiterFarms for your comments and support. Looking forward to being neighbors. I keep joking about it but it might be true that now I can move back home now and surf as much as I want! Cannot wait to see a bunch more stoked people riding waves. This is gonna be fun.