This is insane!!!!

Pubblicato da Antonio Navarro su Domenica 17 settembre 2017

Caio Ibelli and a wave from the remodelled Kelly wave… Sections to whack and barrels. Certainly looks insane. As for the guy on the ski giving ‘motivational’ help. Let’s just hope that concept does not catch on.

Word is the top flight WSL crew are there now ready for the first toe dip in the water of a WSL wave pool event in modern times. Supposedly happening Tuesday (US time) but won’t be live as obvs with reset times and kinks to iron out it might be too much of a yawn to watch live. We await the edited highlights with interest, and spare a thought for the judges … how the hell they’re supposed to pick apart rides this long from John, Jordy, Medina,Toledo, Steph and co?!?

The wave pool wars are coming to a head soon, will Webber’s pool ever see the light of day? Will a scaled up WaveGarden Cove deliver the promise it shows? Can Kelly’s pool generate enough waves to make them commercially feasible? We’ll see…