Nic Von Rupps ‘The Reef Road’ is an out of the usual Surf Film, a fictional narration about people like us that wander into the wild, with some of the best sessions of the year in Nias and this recent swell at Kandui (Gotta Watch the end bit in Kandui)

Nic says;

“While chasing waves around the world, I often meet a bunch of different people… Most of the times surfers like me, sometimes they are just random tourists…But I get to meet some crazy fellow travelers collecting stories wherever they go through, or even gnarly backpackers living the journey in their full essence!

The more I travel, the more I’m sure… I’ll always find someone that really surprises me! Sometimes I just go by myself… Wrongly thinking that I’ll be the only one on that mission! Well… This is a story about those who dare lonely into the wild… Just like we surfers would!”