An unidentified jet ski rider went over the falls while his buddy was in the barrel at Currumbin Alley during the latest swell. It’s unclear if the surfer knew what was happening as his jet ski partner floated over his head while he was kegged.

The incident was the latest highlighting the growing danger so ski use in the Gold Coast lineups to combat swell, sweep and crowds. A lot of Currumbin locals have been pretty pissed off as those with the luxury of skis dominate the lineups. Tempers have been flaring as the increasing numbers fail to respect paddlers as per the old unspoken ’tow in’ rules.

Maritime Safety Queensland code of conduct states a jet skis “must not” operate PWC faster than six knots within 200m of paddle surfers. The rules also state unless there is no one else in the water tow-in surfing, jet ski freestyling and wave jumping is not allowed near the Currumbin bar and Tallebudgera Creek. Yet more and more complaints are coming in of skis ruining ‘paddle’ surf sessions at the Alley and other spots.

Gold Coast water police Senior Sargent Kim Hill said a patrol was sent down to the Alley following reports but said there were no paddlers and fewer skis out when officers arrived so they did not enforce exclusion zones.

Gold Coast City Council Chief Lifeguard Warren Young would not explain to the Gold Coat Bulletin what the tow-in surfing rules are and whether they are enforced.

Local photog Luke Workman rightly called out the ski driver saying he was doing “the wrong thing multiple times and had close calls with more than a few of my friends.”‘

Comments on the Insta post include

snapper_1 What a kook
switchfootnz Massively lame to have jetskis on a paddle wave.

What do you think? Is a ban near? Should skis be banned?