Thanks to social media we often get blips and a few laughs from behind the scenes at Dane Reynolds’ house. His wife Courtney (@NapkinApocolypse)’s Instagram is must-see social media. Between Sammy, Boogie, Pam and the pigeons, it’s content cute overload. And beyond that there’s Dane, the man behind those scenes, is front and center in his scenes. Dane recently produced Chapter 11, his more or less tell-all about the prime of his professional surfing career and the highs and hurdles stemming from the interesting challenges it presented him personally. Above he talks about his next prime. Building a continually growing family, starting his new brand Former now that he’s left Quiksilver, and traversing the world that comes with all that. It’s a lot of new in his world. He still loves surfing. Sitting in the parking lot at Emma Wood. And the occasional Modelo. But our friends at What Youth went over to get a look at how Dane’s next chapter is coming along.