The never ending web edit train seems to have stalled, so bangers like this are few and far between, so enjoy the mad talents of Albee Layer.

Last year was a bit of an after thought. Seemed like everyone still had an El Nino hangover and we were neck deep on trying to finalize a documentary. We took breaks from cutting our new film Nervous Laughter by filming, but there were no trips, no hyped swells and no real concise thoughts on producing any new edits. Luckily for us this past year still provided unique days and we were able to cut a new piece entitled Black Wave.
We will also be in California this week touring our new film, come see us, win some free gear, and watch our new flick Nervous Laughter
June 28th 10 Barrel Pub San Diego 7:30pm
June 29th La Paloma Theater Encinitas 7 & 9pm
June 30th Infinity Surf Shop Dana Point 7:30pm
Filmed & Edited: by Dan Norkunas
Graphics: Dan Darling
Sound Design: Cody Carter