Laird obviously had too much sun this day. When TMZ sports interviewed him on the subject of shark attacks he came out with an outrageously sexist and quite unfounded claim.
“The biggest most common reason to be bit is a woman with her period. You know most people don’t event think about that, obviously if a woman has her period there’s a certain amount of blood in the water. It’s kind of like running around with a lightning rod and wondering why you get struck by lightning.”
So really Laird? So women are to blame for the statistically small amount of shark attacks around the globe… Not over fishing, not more humans, it’s girls daring to go into the water. You’ve heard of tampons right? Hmm
A 2015 report found that since 1941 there have been 1132 recorded shark attacks in Australia, of which 968 involved men, and only 64 women. So statistically there is more likely to be a correlation between the consumption of Toheeys New and attacks than anything to do with women and what time of the month it is.

Dr Chris Lowe, head of California State University, Long Beach’s shark lab said, “The amount of blood that is produced during menstruation is so small that it becomes background with all of the other components in the water. It would be very difficult for a shark to localise that.” 
Outside magazine summed it up concisely “All of this means that sharks probably won’t pick up on your period from two miles away and make a beeline for your uterus.”
Or you can read an interesting bit on the actual science here
Thoughts please ladies!