Picture Organic clothing have launched into the wetsuit market with a new wetsuit range made from Naturalprene.

“We searched for a sustainable and responsible alternative to the rarely recyclable and polluting neoprene: “a high quality wetsuit, following our 100% eco-friendly vision”. So, instead of synthetic rubber, we use a natural one which permits to reduce by half the carbon footprint !

“The NaturalPrene stretch technology produces a wetsuit made of 85% natural rubber from a Malaysian plantation and 15% synthetic chlorine-free rubber (made from plants). We used a revolutionary production process, integrating micro particles that enable NaturalPrene to extend up to almost 4 times its original size and solvent-free water based glue to paste the recycled polyester lining, which permits maximum comfort and ultra-fast drying.”

The crew also integrated tech from other sports into their designs.

“MOTION PATTERN” is inspired by the triathlon’s wetsuits construction, allowing a completely free mobility of the shoulders – No seam under the arms, front chest or around the shoulder. Double Naturalprene thickness to protect your ribs. POWER GRIP is a unique silicone coating that provides more resistance in the water when paddling, which means more efficiency and less effort.