Widely recognized as one of the best surfers of modern times, John John Florence has much more hidden behind his professional façade. He is not only a world champion surfer, but a Beekeeper, Chess Player, Boat Builder, Cat Lover (meow), Filmmaker, Sailor, Pilot, Skateboarder, Farmer, Photographer, Explorer, Brother and Son. John offers a private glimpse into his life through a new short film produced in partnership with Nixon. Set on Oahu’s North Shore, the intimate look into his life was uniquely captured on a 30-year old, 35mm film still camera with a motor drive. Each individual moment, captured on 85 rolls of film, was thoughtfully edited back together leaving all the dust, imperfections and happy accidents in one place. John’s interests explored throughout the two-minute short also served as inspiration to the John John Florence Signature Series, his namesake collaborative capsule of timepieces.

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Produced + Directed by Nixon.
Director of Photography & Editor: Rob Tyler