The first of the BLU events for 2017 was held at Saunton at the weekend. The competition got underway with the Juniors battling it out in the small onshore conditions followed by the Ladies and Mens Open. However as the tide dropped so did the waves and the competition was put on hold until the pushing tide in the afternoon. When there was no improvement it was decided to re-commence on Sunday. Competitors then went to either to Pigstock to see Reef, to the pub (Skindog bought a duck which was delivered to him in the car park on the Sunday!) or to Ramon’s wedding.

Thankfully the swell had picked up overnight and it was back on with some competitors a little worse for wear! The chest to shoulder high swell provided competitors with long useable waves. Ben Skinner and Jack Unsworth met in both the finals for the Open and the Single Fin with Jack taking the wins in both divisions. Jordan Zervas dominated the Juniors. Jen Pendlebury took the honours in the Ladies, Jason Gray the Masters and Colin Bright the Grandmasters. All in all a great competition. Thanks to all the sponsors – Finisterre, Ocean & Earth, The Saunton Café, The Thatch, Robies, and Submariner.


Mens Open: 1 Jack Unsworth 2 Ben Skinner 3 Ben Howey 4 Lewis Stritch

Ladies Open: 1 Jen Pendlebury 2 Emily Currie 3 Claire Smale 4 Jenny Briant

Single Fin: 1 Jack Unsworth 2 Ben Skinner 3 Steve Horn 4 Jen Pendlebury

Masters: 1 Jason Gray 2 Colin Bright 3 Adam Chell 4 Ray Lee

Grandmasters: 1 Colin Bright 2 Adam Zervas 3 Rich Unsworth 4 Tim Quick

U18 Boys: 1 Jordan Zervas 2 Tom Horn 3 Barnaby Innes 4 Alex Townsend

U18 Girls: 1 Beth Leighfield. 2 Stella Briggs. 3 Annie Young

U16 Boys: 1 Jordan Zervas 2 Barnaby Innes 3 Tom Horn 4 Alex Woodland

Words Rich Unsworth