South coast locals have produces a printed guide to help protect the jewel the south coast crown; K Bay.

Kimmeridge is located in the heart of the privately owned estate. Due to the rise in its popularity over the years issues have begun to arise due to lack of knowledge, experience and inappropriate behaviour.

Several novices have had to be rescued recently, or have wandered into private areas they shouldn’t be in, so in an attempt together everyone on the same sheet and not pissing off the landowners ( which could lead to access being denied) locals have produced and eight page leaflet with maps, etiquette and advice for visitors. Advice for surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, SUP”s and hydrofoils are included.

As with Porthleven a few inconsiderate or gobby surfers can cause problems but if everyone shares, educates and listens to advice problems can be easily avoided.

Cover shot; Gary Knights on a screamer Photo Dorset Surf Photography