The Scottish Surfing Federation has launched a Crowdfunder hoping to send a Scotland team to the ISA World Surfing Games in France in May and the team need your help in order to help cover the costs of getting there to fly the flag for Scotland.

The team have to cover competition entry fees (£1000), accommodation (£2000) and airfares (£1500) as a minimum plus all the other associated expenses from travelling to the event. Any unused funds will be rolled over to the Scotland team travelling to EuroSurf 2017

“With this Crowdfunder we hope to meet our target to help subsidise and make the trip affordable for our athletes. Pledgers get great rewards in exchange for donations to the team and if any companies would be interested in becoming a main sponsor for the Scottish National Team please get in touch. Also if any companies would like to donate product as rewards for the crowdfunder please also get in touch as these would be greatly appreciated.”

The team were unable to attend the ISA World Games 2016 due to a lack of funding therefore we really hope to be able to support the team and get them there this time to represent Scotland particularly with surfing’s recent announcement as an Olympic Sport this WSG is likely to be the highest profile ever.